We made an offer

Back in Italy spring is in full swing, admin-ajax Griffs.Bruce has a number of large estates that he manages and they       all need attention.

In addition to pruning, clearing leaves and tending the lawns, it is time to check on irrigation systems. During the summer months, Italian gardens do not survive without effective irrigation.

The land in Stockbridge was calling. After a number of phone calls we made an offer on the land. There is a six hour time  difference between Italy and Vermont, an important  consideration when making a phone call!

Six weeks later our offer has been accepted!!!!

Now that we’ve made the  commitment to buy the land,  we have to start making decisions.

What will our business name be?  What permissions do we need?Where, on the land, will we site the greenhouse? What about electric? and so on.

Bruce has a wealth of experience growing plants, retail,  and dealing with state regulations, therefore he assumed the responsibility of administrator. My roll was to set up a way to communicate with potential customers, ie via a website, email and a blog.

We decided to call our business Griff’s Greenhouses as a tribute to Griff’s, a family business run by  Bruce’s father in Cape Charles, Virginia many moons ago. We worked together on an idea for our logo and found an excellent freelance graphic artist, Ravi Saini, to digitalise our design.without faded                                                      Griff’s Greenhouses

My initial concern was that customers might think that we were selling greenhouses, not plants that were grown in greenhouses, we dealt with this by using the tag line, ‘Plants for Vermont’.

This is the finished design of our logo:

updated tagline