It all white out!

It is great to have something to prepare for this time of year! As the snows continue to pile up , we are keeping sane reviewing orders and looking at all those green and colorful catalogues. Seeds are due next month and the first real plants in early March but for now the work is cleaning, sorting, repairs and upgrades to displays and growing areas. We will be producing even more of our own plants this season so are reallocating greenhouse space for this. Heated benches and special watering systems are critical to success in these early stages so careful planning for timing and space utilization are important. Herbs and peppers must be started early, many flowers next and last seeded are tomatoes and direct seeded plants such as squashes and cukes. And if we only knew for sure when the last frost was going to be!

We are looking forward to starting the greenhouse work very soon- just have to clear a big enough path through the snowbanks to get tools and materials inside. You are welcome to stop in anytime there is life visible. Our official opening date this season will be April 15th but seeds and starting supplies will be on hand by March 1st or so and we would be happy to have visitors!