BroccoliDiplomat  & Green Magic.

Brussel Sprouts

CabbageFast Vantage & Red Acre.

CauliflowerSnow Storm.

ChardBright Lights.

Cucumber – Pickling, Slicing, Burpless

Egg PlantClassic & Hansel.


Kale – Red Russian

LettuceButtercrunch, Ithaca, Salad Bowl (Red), Salad Bowl (Green),City Garden Blend, Annapolis red romaine

Onion – Yellow Sweet Spanish- plants

Pumpkin – Pie, Ghost White, Jack O’ Lantern, Wee-be-little, Howden- in coir pots (Available Mid-May)



Squash – Yellow Crookneck, various winter squashes, zucchini – in coir pots

Melons – Hales Best  Cantaloupe, Honeydew Cantaloupe in coir pots (Available mid- May)

Watermelons-  in coir pots (Available mid-May)

Winter Squash – Buttercup, Butternut, Acorn,  Blue Hubbard in coir pots (Available mid-May)

 Zucchini – in coir pots


 Lady Bell – Dependable fruit bearing. In 4 packs and single pots


 Jalapeno la Bomba

Red Beauty

Sweet Banana


 Amish Paste- roma type

Better Boy

Big Beef- the ultimate slicer

Brandywine Red- best flavor of all

Early Girl- in packs and pots

Jet Star – Main crop, dependable bearing, in packs and pots

Juliet – the best Grape cluster type

Patio- determinate plant, good for containers and smaller spaces, in packs and pots

Sweet 100 – Cherry


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